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15 Degrees Below Zero

15 Degrees Below Zero is Daniel Blomquist, Michael Mersereau, and Mark Wilson. Investigating sonic landscapes, 15 dbz has been considered a powerful trio expanding the aesthetics of cinematic sound and music. They have played numerous west coast shows as well as the Providence Noise Fest in Rhode Island. Their first CD (an EP) was released mid-2004 on the same label, and the full length follow up CD was released two years later on Force of Nature. Their first vinyl release was released on .Angle.Rec. in August of 2007, and their second full length CD is available on Edgetone Records.

Atto Plain

ATTO PLAIN (Jeanie-Aprille Tang and Michael Mersereau) is a sound project based on filmic intentions and the interaction of the two-dimensional plain. With focus in message delivery through morse code, XY assignments, plain-field traveling on water vs. land, and light interaction with circuitry and filmic influence through voices. The duo performs with the intention of telling a story of longing and the effects of parting as one travels away in exploration. 


TheeAnnoying formed in early 2010 with Ten Ticklish Ants on noisy guitar walls and vocals, M. Mersereau on bass, vocals and samples and D.A. Leech on percussion. We seek bold, expressive sounds to push the envelope of what it means to play rock music in an age where information overload and deep chaos reigns supreme. A deep, intuitive musical bond exists because of the many projects we have done together in the past. Separately, you can hear us in such diverse sounding projects as the cinematic soundscapes of 15 Degrees Below Zero and the pop-punk group The Feldmans. To paraphrase Baudrillard: power in the future will be for those who know they have no nation, no home.

Cliffs & Bridges, 1997

Conceptually formed during a UK tour for the band Slobber in 1997, Cliffs & Bridges became one of the only Post-Punk groups to frequent and play metal, grind, punk and noise shows in the West and South Bay. Often skirting the line between chaos and the melodic, and they brought their own vegan meatballs to Olive Garden in a ziploc bag.


Heavily distorted instruments blend in and out of each other. Elements of shoegaze and occasional post metal mix into the unique wall of sound. The mood is ominous and epic in scale. Huge bass tone rolls thunder in a monsoon, as guitars and keyboard raise steam from swamps and drip sweat from stalactites. Esses for the album “No Light in this Fire” is Miss Kell, Kevin Brown, Dawn Hillis, Michael Merseeau, and Schon Clem.

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